14-16 November, 2017
Kempinski Bristol Berlin, Germany

Post-conference workshop day

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A: Future Braking technology to support Autonomous driving: redundancy concept for ADAS L3 / L4 / L5

Borhen Felah, System Leader - Decoupled Braking,Jaguar Land Rover
Autonomous driving is generating plenty of interest and most of key stakeholders foresee a strong long-term potential. However, the extent of diffusion will depend on overcoming a wide range barriers (technology, cost) mainly for a safety critical system as Brake. The main challenge is the need of common approach between OEM and suppliers in order to develop a cost efficient and standard system architecture.
  • Legal and safety requirements driving redundancy on brake system
  • Evolution of software in the car and future of standardized software interface
  • Strategies for efficient development between OEM and suppliers

Borhen Felah

System Leader - Decoupled Braking
Jaguar Land Rover

  • Brake dust volume from pad and disc and tire
  • Content of the brake dust
  • Copper free
  • Fibers are dangerous? Short fibers are more dangerous?
  • Dust collection - how?
  • Dust avoidance
  • Experience with retardation in trucks and bus
  • Electrification and recuperation
  • Requirements for abrasive Pad material


Dr.-Ing. Dr. Ralf Leiter

Director ABS/ESP/EPB
Mando Corporation Europe GmbH